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Wild Thing (The Troggs)

Wild Thing is a song written by Chip Taylor, originally recorded by The Wild Ones (1965) and made famous by the British band The Troggs in 1966.

Wild Thing is a fairly easy song to play and is good for practicing bar chords.

The guitar chord chart for Wild Thing:

wild thing the troggs

The guitar chords and lyrics for 'Wild Thing':

         A          D   E      D
         Wild thing           you make my
         Heart sing           you make
         Everything groovy
         Wild thing

Guitar tabs for the break:

wild thing guitar tabs

Lyrics for the break:

         Wild thing, I think I love you
         But I wanna know for sure
         Come on and hold me tight
         I love you

Some fun facts about Wild Thing:

  • Chip Taylor, the writer of the song, made a lot of money from Wild Thing, because so many people have covered the song. Unfortunately Chip had a gambling problem, for years he blew about $10,000 away in the casinos in Las Vegas. Chris Taylor is an uncle of Angelina Jolie and a brother of Jon Voight.
  • The intro and ending is borrowed from "Heartbreak Hotel", an Elvis Presley song.
  • The instrument playing in the middle section is an ocarina.
  • The Troggs recorded this song in 20 minutes.
  • Jimi Hendrix covered Wild Thing, it's the song he plays on the Monterey Festival when he sets his guitar on fire.


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